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Related article: Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 01:37:53 -0500 From: mike loggerman Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 27Over the next few weeks, I had sex with pd cp lolita preteen the red haired nerd quite a bit. I knew he was using me as a cum dump, but I loved feeling that big pink cock in me. He youngest ever preteen lolitas knew I was hot for him and took every opportunity to fuck me. He even invited one of his friends from another dorm to join him and the two of them fucked me and took pictures of me sucking them and taking their loads in my ass. I liked being fucked, but after a while, as they fucked and shot their loads in me, I would imagine it was Keith. Keith started to get hairier, on his stomach and looked sexy as hell. I stopped having sex with them, and started going back to my dorm room after class and waited for Keith so I could enjoy his hairy body. I also stopped going with Keith to the grounds crew. Keith asked me to go with him a few times, but I said I didn't want to. He asked why, and I told him I had put on another 20 pounds and didn't feel like it. He told me he thought I looked hot, and they had been asking about me. I told Keith that I stopped having sex with other guys. He was surprised, knowing my slutty personality, and I told him that I was having sex with some guys I knew, but all I could think about was how sexy he was, and found myself fantasizing about Keith while I was having sex with them, so I just figured, why fantasize when I could just have sex with him. I didn't want him to freak, like I was being too possessive, but I wanted him to know how I felt. Keith just broke out into a big smile, and said he always fantasized about me when he was with other guys. He just didn't want to feel like I was obligated. He rubbed my fat stomach and said I was the sexiest guy he knew. We kissed passionately. models nn young lolita I told him I loved him. He said he always loved me. I felt his hairy stomach and moved down to his thick bush as we kissed, and told him his cock was the only one i wanted inside me. He got between my legs, and slid his cock deep inside me. I didn't feel constrained. I felt loved. He really was the only one I wanted inside me. I had never felt this way about a guy before. We moved beyond just sex to love. He made tender passionate love to me over and over that night. We even missed dinner.The next morning, I woke up and just looked over my hairy blond lover who was sleeping on his stomach. I gently touched his hairy body, and parted his hairy cheeks and licked the length of his ass crack. He started to stir and I models nn young lolita licked his hole. He made mmmmmmmmmmm noises as I rimmed him. As I licked his hole, I reached under him and felt his thick cock, which was hard and leaking. He rolled over on his back and I got on top of him, impaling myself on his big cock. As I rode up and down his hard cock, he thrust himself into me from below. I played with his furry stomach, and russian lolita naked thumb thought how lucky I was to have him. I squeezed his cock tighter with my ass, and milked it as he shot his load into me. We kissed and he told me I was the only guy for him. We pledged to only be with each other. I lay beside him and licked his hairy pits.Our friends in the cafeteria congratulated us when we told them we were exclusive, and they and asked Keith how he managed to put my slut gene into remission. One guy said with me off the market. half the campus would have to go back to jerking off. We laughed at their jokes, but I worried that Keith would have second thoughts. In our room, I shared my fears with Keith, but youngest ever preteen lolitas he said he knew I was with a lot of guys before, and he didn't care. He was just happy that I wanted to be with him alone, having compared him to the others. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have him. In a way, we were perfect for each other. I loved hairy guys, and Keith was getting more and more hairy. Keith liked chubby smooth guys, and that was me. Even Sunil congratulated us. bbs loli forum pics He was aways a sweet guy.Things were going well until one day while I was in my room studying, the red haired nerd came by, and said he didn't care if what I was doing with Keith, he wanted to fuck me. I told him no way. He told me if I didn't let him fuck me tomorrow in my bed, he was going to put the pics he took of me getting fucked on the Internet. I started to freak out. He gave me one day to think it over. I told Keith about it, but Keith really wasn't a fighter. He got pissed off and said he would take care of it. The next day I was to be in the room waiting, but not to worry.I waited in the room, and at 3pm, the red haired nerd knocked on the door. I was in gym shorts, and he came in and got undressed. He started rubbing his hard thick cock on my lips. Just then our door opened with Keith, Sunil, and Kal, my African friend. They forced him on the bed, and Sunil shoved his thick dark cock in his mouth, while Kal slid his unlubed cock up his ass. It had to hurt because the red haired guy had never been fucked. Keith stood there taking pictures. They told him if he resisted, the pictures would show up on the Internet, and copies would go to his parents. He stopped fighting and they both unloaded inside him. Kal took his shit covered cock and wiped it clean on the red haired guy's lips. Then he made him suck him clean. He also signed a paper saying he liked it and did it of his own free will. As he dressed and left, we could see Kal's cum dripping out of his ass and wetting his shorts. He limped as he left. He never bothered me again. Kal and Sunil said Keith told them what happened, and it was Sunil's idea. I asked why they did it, and they said I was so good and tender to them, they couldn't let me be abused like that. The next day in the cafeteria, word spread through our little group, and they cheered Sunil and Kal Our Heroes!!! The next semester, the red haired nerd transferred to a different school, and I never heard from him again. Its good to have people who care about you.That night, Keith and I made passionate love. We tenderly fucked each other and fell asleep. Things went well all week, until Keith got a phone call. His mother was coming to town for a visit. He freaked out. He had not told her that he was gay. My mom knew I was gay when I was a teen. My step dad didn't care. but Keith was really afraid.The day she got there, we moved our bed apart and acted straight. She took us out for lunch, and was really nice. She asked about my parents, and school, and how we got along together. The next day she took Keith out all day, I figured he would tell her but he was too scared. She came out and asked if he was seeing anyone, but he said not regularly. Before she left, she took us out to dinner, and while Keith went to the bathroom, she asked if Keith and I were involved. I almost spit out my food when she asked that. pd cp lolita preteen I looked down and was real quiet. She told me she suspected he was gay since he was in High School, and that she was OK with it. I told her she needed to tell him that. She said she just wanted Keith to be happy. I said I wanted him to be happy too. That he was a wonderful guy. Nothing was said during dinner. On the way home, she started talking, and told Keith she always felt he was gay, and if he was, it was OK with her as long as he was happy. He started to cry. She said his father wouldn't have understood, but he wasn't around anymore, and she would never reject him. He hugged her, and told her about me and that he loved me. She hugged us both and told us she just wanted us to be happy, and that she expected me to visit when Keith came home.We went up to our room, and pushed the beds back together and got undressed. I gently touched and licked every hairy place on Keith's body. He sucked my tits and fingered my ass. He said my ass seemed to be getting tight and he would have to do something about that. He had me get on all fours, and he buried his face between my cheeks. He got behind me and slid his thick seven inch cock into me. I could feel his hairy body caressing mine modele lolita biz picture as he slowly and passionately fucked my ass. He reached under me and played with my hanging tits as he thrust deeper and harder into my ass. I started to moan as I felt I was going to cum. Keith started squeezing my tits harder, and grinding into me more and more. I started to lose control, and I felt waves of pleasure engulf me as I shot my load of cum, which caused my ass to spasm around Keith's cock, and he shot huge load inside me. We kissed passionately, and lay in bed for a long time before going to shower.
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